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CBAN exists to unlock the value of automated connectivity through industry-wide collaboration.








The ITW Global Leaders’ Forum (GLF) - a network of telecom industry leaders - came together to explore how emerging technologies could be used collaboratively for the universal benefit of the global carrier ecosystem.

Working closely with technology partners, a group of GLF members looked into the possibility of a real-time, blockchain-enabled platform that can revolutionise the manual and isolated practices surrounding inter-carrier settlement processes, which to date have cost the industry billions.

The GLF’s special purpose initiative evolved into the Communications Business Automation Network (CBAN). Through the joint efforts and decision making of leading communications providers and technology partners, CBAN promotes collaboration over competition so that everyone in the industry can automate processes and unlock new revenue, savings, and services that were previously immaterial.


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At the heart of our story is a spirit of collaboration, a desire for innovation, and a shared vision that the communications space needs an independent body to enable and drive change through automation.

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