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BTS joins the GLF's Communications Blockchain Network

Business Telecommunications Services (BTS), today announced that it is joining the Communications Blockchain Network (CBN), an initiative launched by ITW Global Leaders’ Forum (GLF), with the intention to support the development of a blockchain-based platform, which will revolutionize the ICT Service Provider industry’s commercial settlement infrastructure.

BTS understands the importance of the significant benefits the GLF’s CBN initiative will deliver for its customers through transforming the inter-ICT Service Provider settlement processes by enabling automation and increasing the level of security as our industry evolves with future applications and services.

By teaming up with and joining the GLF’s CBN, BTS firmly believes the deployment of this blockchain initiative will improve the customer experience as the community resources will help to deliver more profound testing of DLT-based software systems to our clients.

Ricardo Olloqui, President and Founder of BTS, said that the company seeks to use distributed ledger technology (DLT) to improve efficiencies and facilitate new services for telecom operators across the globe. “We strongly believe this disruptive technology will enable us to develop a carrier exchange community that will minimize the intrinsic inefficiencies embedded in our business today. We're very happy to be a part of the CBN ecosystem and look forward to collaborating with other members to further this technology,” Olloqui added.

Jussi Makela, Director of GLF said: “We are delighted that BTS has joined the CBN. BTS is a highly innovative company, and they have been very successful in utilizing technology to drive growth in a complex market. Their contribution to the collaborative development of this new automated ecosystem will be invaluable as we transform the connectivity industry to be more efficient and more inter-operable.


BTS is a technology service partner and one of the top worldwide Telecom Operators utilizing cutting edge technology and advanced tools for Digital Voice Services offering value propositions to Retail and Wholesale telecom carriers globally.

Founded over 25 years ago in Miami–USA, it handles over 8 billion minutes annually with its more than 175 links in over 95 countries as part of its over 400 interconnections worldwide. BTS has over 150 employees located in offices in Miami, Madrid, Zaragoza, Rome, Warsaw, Zagreb, Singapore, Buenos Aires and Dubai.

BTS signed a Joint Venture Agreement with SoftBank Corp. to create S and BTS (, which brings a diversified portfolio of hubbing, cloud and managed services as a key player in the global marketplace.

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The ITW Global Leaders’ Forum (GLF) is a global network of leaders from the world’s largest International Carriers, who convene to discuss strategic issues and to agree collaborative activities, with the aim of upholding the principle of interoperability and ubiquitous international and technological coverage.

The mission of the GLF is to be “the voice of the global carrier industry providing leadership and direction to interconnect the digital world”. This encapsulates the ultimate aim of the GLF, and its members, which is to enable consumers and enterprises to communicate and transact for any service or application, on any device and any infrastructure, in any geography, thus enabling the globalisation of business and the closure of the digital divide.

The International Carrier industry is a critical part of the global ecosystem, providing the backbone that enables digital services to be distributed around the world. The GLF’s primary objective is to provide leadership and direction for the industry by advocating common priorities that will limit network fragmentation and improve interconnectivity so that new digital services can be delivered at scale anywhere in the world.

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