CenturyLink, Sparkle and Vodafone Business join Communications Business Automation Network (CBAN)

CBAN announces new branding as its membership grows

Singapore, 9th September 2020 – Communications Business Automation Network (CBAN), an organisation set up by leading global ICT Service Providers to accelerate and oversee the adoption of automated settlement in the communications industry today announced that CenturyLink, Sparkle and Vodafone Business have joined the organisation. The organisations will also join the Board of CBAN.

CBAN, which was launched in January 2020, is the culmination of over 2 years of collaboration initiated by the ITW Global Leaders’ Forum (GLF) to capture the transformational opportunity to create an automated and interoperable settlement ecosystem for the ICT Service Provider industry by utilising Distributed Ledger (DLT) and other technologies. Its role is to coordinate the collaborative development of the CBAN architecture and services, grow and maintain a shared ecosystem to unlock the value and efficiencies of automation for all; and oversee the implementation of CBAN’s technological solutions and standards to ensure the future of interoperability of settlement of traffic for all ICT Service Providers.

CBAN has also recently launched its new branding to reflect its underlying purpose of unlocking the value of automated connectivity through industry-wide collaboration. The re-branding comes at a time when CBAN is seeing increasing momentum and engagement by a larger pool of members as the connectivity industry drives for a transformation of how business is done among ICT Service Providers.

Commenting on the expansion of membership and the launch of the new branding, Louisa Gregory, CEO of CBAN said: “We are delighted to confirm that CenturyLink, Sparkle and Vodafone Business have joined CBAN at this exciting time in our journey. Although all of them have been great supporters and contributors to CBAN’s development over the past year, the fact that they have joined the CBAN board will further strengthen our position to orchestrate the industry behind a common approach to settlement automation. I’m also extremely proud of our new brand that really speaks about our role, highlights the value we deliver and reflects the opportunities available to us as an industry.”

Paul Savill, SVP of Enterprise Products and Services at CenturyLink and member of the CBAN board commented: “We have been involved in the development of CBAN for a long time and it made perfect sense to become members and join CBAN’s board. We think there is huge value to be unlocked from communications infrastructure and services as the world becomes increasingly connected.”

Daniele Mancuso, Chief Marketing Solutions & Business Development Officer for Sparkle and member of the CBAN board said: “At Sparkle, we believe that automation of settlement between service providers is a critical element in the industry’s ability to innovate and bring new, on-demand interoperable services to our customers. CBAN has a great opportunity to coordinate the adoption of the right standard frameworks and we are excited to contribute to this work and we encourage every carrier to join the ecosystem.”

Clive Goodwin, Head of Voice Services, Carrier Voice Operations at Vodafone Business and a member of the CBAN board noted: “CBAN’s goals to improve efficiency and reduce fraud through the use of the latest technologies such as DLT represent an exciting step forward in the carrier ecosystem. We are delighted to join the organisation and look forward to cooperating with the other members to develop new systems and ways of working that will enhance customer experience.”

About CBAN

Communications Business Automation Network (CBAN) is a membership organisation with a mission to unlock the value of automated connectivity through industry-wide collaboration. It was founded to accelerate the development and adoption of automated settlement solutions among the ICT Service Provider industry and its role is to coordinate the development of the architecture and services, and oversee the implementation of the technological solutions and standards that ensure the future automated ecosystem is interoperable. Its founding members include several of the largest telecommunications providers globally and its membership is open to every ICT Service Provider. Please visit www.cban.net for more information.

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