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Introducting _cban

This week, we have launched a new brand identity for CBAN - _cban. This has been the culmination of several months engagement with CBAN members and technology providers to ensure that we can go to market telling the CBAN story as clearly as possible with a clearly defined mission that resonates with the ICT Service Provider ecosystem. At the heart of our story is a spirit of collaboration, a desire for innovation and a shared vision that the communications space needs an independent body to enable and drive change through automation.

Our purpose

The genesis of CBAN was in 2018 when the ITW Global Leaders’ Forum (GLF) – a network of international telecoms industry leaders – came together to explore how emerging technologies could be used collaboratively for the universal benefit of the global carrier ecosystem, and unlock future value. Throughout 2019, working closely with technology vendors a group of GLF members explored the viability of a real-time, blockchain-enabled platform with the potential to revolutionise the manual and siloed practices surrounding inter-carrier settlements which are currently highly inefficient and prevent innovation. In 2020, to further this work and ensure it could scale, the Communications Business Automation Network (CBAN) was launched. Through the joint efforts and decision making of leading carriers and technology vendors, CBAN exists so that all telecoms network and service providers can automate processes and unlock new revenue, savings and services that were previously immaterial. We are at the beginning of defining the future of connectivity together. We believe this is critical for four reasons:

1) Connectivity must continue to be traded across networks under a consistent approach

2) Unprecedented levels of technical and commercial complexity in settlement frameworks

3) Enable on-demand participation in the digital economy that cannot support manual processes

4) Avoid a future dominated by ‘walled gardens’ not supporting interoperable digital services

Through automating connectivity, we can ensure that the telecoms industry can sustain its core business, whilst also driving innovation in connectivity and accessing new services not supported under current technical and commercial frameworks.

We welcome all ICT Service Providers and Technology Providers to join us and play an important part in establishing new ways of working and standards that will ensure on-going interoperability in the communications space. It is through this we define our purpose:

_cban exists to unlock the value of automated connectivity through industry-wide collaboration

Our mission

CBAN is being developed upon five foundations that embody our purpose:

1) The need for collaboration – we can deliver greater outcomes when we work together

2) The value in automation – automation will unlock progress, optimization and market growth

3) The future of connectivity – innovation will strengthen the telecoms industry

4) The goal of simplicity – connectivity should be simple, open and scalable

5) The power of action – complexity can only be removed through member engagement

From these five foundations CBAN will deliver on a three part mission:

1) Coordinate the development of CBAN architecture, membership and services to innovate the communications space

2) Grow and maintain a shared ecosystem to unlock the value and efficiencies of automation for all

3) Oversee the implementation of CBAN’s technological solutions and standards, to ensure the future interoperability of all CBAN members

It is through this mission, working with ICT Service Providers and Technology Providers around the world we seek to deliver automated interconnectivity for all players in the digital community powered by a diverse technology ecosystem. It is this which has inspired CBAN’s new tagline:

_unlock the future of connectivity

CBAN is already working with 15 leading ICT Service Providers and several Technology Providers to develop the first three use-cases of CBAN solutions to enable automated settlement for data-on-demand, roaming and voice traffic. We look forward to working with an increasing number of organisations to ensure that the future of connectivity is open to all providers enabling new waves of innovation and value creation.

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